Tips For Moving in a Time of Social Distancing

Tips For Moving in a Time of Social Distancing

Moving is never easy. Whether you are a DIY mover or hiring a crew, moving up the street or across the country, packing up a family or flying solo, re-locating is a difficult process. And let’s just say this pandemic isn’t making things any easier. 

So, how can you protect yourself and your family if you are planning on moving during the time of physical distancing? A little preparation can keep COVID-19 from wreaking too much havoc to your moving plans. Your moving checklist is going to be a tiny bit longer, but the good news is you can safely relocate with just a few precautions. 

Here are a few tips from the American Moving Association and the CDC to make sure your move is safe and simple.

Using Moving Services

Moving services, self-storage facilities, and moving truck rentals are all considered essential services and are available at this time. Many of these businesses have already implemented CDC-recommended guidelines including sanitization procedures and PPEs for staff. If you use a moving service, many businesses offer virtual consultations to provide a quote, lowering the risk of exposure. Make sure you communicate fully with your moving company about the protocols of physical distancing when you schedule your moving date

Packing ahead of time will protect everyone involved with your move…including you! Pack, seal, and sanitize your boxes at least 24 hours before your moving team arrives to ensure they are fully disinfected. Prepare a sink with soap and water that your movers can access. If this isn’t possible, have a supply of hand sanitizer for yourself and your movers. 

DIY Moving

Sadly, it may not be possible to bribe your friends with pizza and beer to help you move during this time. Utilize all the resources available with a moving truck to protect yourself when lifting heavy boxes or furniture. Don’t use recycled or free cardboard boxes! While it may be tempting, these are hotbeds for bacteria and viruses. Determine what supplies are needed to pack for your move and so that you can make one trip to the store to get what you need. 

Clean as you pack! Take this opportunity to dust, clean, and disinfect any items in your home that don’t often get scrubbed. If you don’t have disinfectant, one tablespoon of bleach in one gallon of water will do the trick. 

How to Protect Your New Home

Don’t bring anything into your new home that shouldn’t be there! Throw out or donate old furniture and household items you never use. Why move something that will just collect dust in a new space? 

Speaking of dust, clean and sanitize your new home thoroughly once the movers are gone. Immunocompromised individuals may also want to wait 72 hours before spending time in your house. Communicate health concerns to your moving team so that a plan can be made for your move. If your health is a serious concern, consider postponing or canceling your move for a later date.

With a little extra preparation and a little more time, it is still possible to safely move in the time of physical distancing.

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